We provide phone and on site consultations of everything below:

MIGD - Mary's Indoor Garden Design

Consultation Services:

Our consultation services are overseen by our Elite Garden Specialists to ensure the highest quality of service goes into your garden.  These professionals have years of experience combined with extensive knowledge in this “growing” industry.  We are here to assist you with any and every part of the cultivation process.  From food to marijuana, we’ve got you covered.
As a typical first step, a Mary’s Garden Specialist will walk your potential grow site with you, discussing all your design options.  This process will give you a good idea of the services that we can provide, and give us an idea of the job at hand.  Once this initial walk is complete, Mary’s Indoor Garden Design will provide you with a detailed estimate of your desired service request(s): design, install, professional referral, onsite education, and many more!

Once your garden is up and running, we can discuss the genetics of the plants you wish to grow.  Finally, with a populated garden, we can either pre-schedule regular visits and walk you through your first few attempts with you, or you can head out on your own into the wild world of cultivation.  We will, of course, be available for any questions or issues that may arise!

If you happen to have an already existing garden that you would like us to assess, let us know!  We provide service calls on all grow room issues.

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Indoor Gardening:

Mary’s Indoor Garden Design is an expert in the indoor gardening industry!  Give us call today and “We’ll Get You Growing!”  Our design experts have spent countless hours studying and researching the many aspects of indoor garden that come together to create a comfortable living environment for your plants.  In our design work, we will bring all this knowledge to the table.  Once the design is put together, it is up to each client to determine how much work the Mary’s Crew is going to do.  ”We understand that time is money, so we can do it all for you, or stop with the design, it’s up to you!”  Each garden design starts with a Complimentary Garden Assessment, even if your space is completely empty.  This way, our design experts will be able to put together a package that fits perfectly into the desired space.

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Outdoor Gardening:

Mary’s Indoor Garden Design are experts in the indoor gardening industry!  Give us call today and “We’ll Get You Growing!”  Our design experts have spent countless hours studying and researching the many aspects of indoor garden that come together to create a comfortable living environment for your plants.  Mary’s Indoor Garden Design offers outdoor garden design and consultation as well.  Outdoor gardening is generally more affordable than powering lights inside, and we can help you get started.  Call Mary’s today to get an idea of what your backyard or front yard can produce!

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Compliance Issues:

Unsure about the legal status of your crop?  Are the laws confusing, or would you just like some clarification on a specific topic?  Give us a call today!  Mary’s Garden Specialists are up to date on their current laws, and can answer any questions you may have.

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Disease And Pest Control:

Diseases and pest’s are some of your biggest enemies in gardening.  We can show you how to control them in an organic and non-harmful way.  Experiencing an infestation currently? We’ve got the solution.  Mites are no problem for Mary’s!  Powdery mildew seems to just disappear when we are around.

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Hydroponic Systems:

What system should you use?  There are multiple hydroponic systems to choose from, some are easier to use than others.  Call us today so we can help you choose the right system for your specific needs.  Bonus: we have great relationships with most of the local grow supply stores, and are more than willing to “pass the savings” onto you!

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This room has to work for you, first and foremost, which is why all of our design work is custom. During our Complementary Garden Assessment, we will walk the potential grow site with you, and discuss options for designing your room. In order to create a room catered specifically to your needs, we need to know what you want out of your room, or what you would like it to do.  Once we understand this, we will provide you with a variety of options for which direction to take with your room.  The possibilities are endless!

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Are your breakers constantly tripping?  Would you like to add more power to your garden?  Give us a call today!  Our electrical services are provided by trained professionals.  With our guidance, they will be able to provide as much power as is desired to any area of your grow room, or trouble shoot any ongoing electrical issues.  As always, Mary’s recommends safety and security first. Don’t chance losing your garden to an electrical fire!

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Discount Growing Equipment:

Compile a list of what you need and we can provide a secure and covert delivery of any needed grow room equipment.  With so many options on the market today and new technologies emerging on a monthly basis, it is our job to stay on top of current and future trends in indoor gardening/hydroponic equipment.  If you need any help deciding what you need, we are here to help!

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If you so choose, you can receive on site training by the Mary’s Team themselves for every part of the process.  We can also help with specific issues, like pest problems, or nutrient issues.  Within a few visits by Mary’s Garden Specialists, you will be well on your way to being a master cultivator.

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We can offer you hands on training on how to make clones out of your favorite strain, as this is a very difficult process, our professional will make it seem easy for you!  There are many different systems and you will be fully aware of the options.

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Maintaining your strains is a very different process all together and we can assist you in keeping good, healthy mothers.  This is one of the most important parts of getting good clones. We also have network options where you can save your strains at a secure location for later use!  Call us today for details!

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Plant Sitting:

If you’re going out of town or unavailable to maintain your garden/grow room, we can maintain it for you in your absence.  We can manage any type of garden/grow room to your highest standards while you are away.  We’ll even clean the place up a bit for you!
Trouble Shooting:
Sometimes it’s an issue that you just can’t seem to figure out.  Don’t guess what is right – ask the professionals!

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Keeping an eye on your plants when you’re not on site is a very nice option to have.  It allows you to constantly monitor your environment and watch your plants grow up safely no matter where you are.  Another obvious perk to surveillance systems is protection against intruders.  With options like infrared, motion activation, and remote motion control, it’s definitely a sweet garden upgrade.  Give us a call, and let our experts install a custom security system for you.

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We offer many different services, and the rates of each of our services vary depending on your situation.  Typically charges include, but are not limited to, design, on-site labor, required materials and supplies, any necessary permits, travel expenses (if located outside of the Greater Portland Area – call for questions), and any other incurred charges required to provide services requested.  During your initial FREE CONSULTATION, your assigned cultivation professional will do an inspection of the site with you, go through all of the growing options you have available, discuss costs associated with each set-up, and  educate you on everything including room set up and control, weekly routine and nutrient schedules, and give you a an overview of the entire cultivation process to make sure you are ready to grow for yourself.  Remember, this is your time, so let us know what you want!

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