Garden Center

Garden Center

What we have to offer depends on how much success you are currently experiencing in the various areas of cannabis cultivation.  Do you have medical conditions that require very specific effect from your medicine, and if so, are those needs being met?  Would you like to add variety to your medical garden, or “thin out the herd” without losing access to the strain?  Is there a need to increase your overall yield?  Are you having any general issues, say with nutrient schedules, pests, mold/mildew?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then we surely have much to offer you.  Here’s a little explanation of our services.  Feel free to take advantage of any or all of them!



Our OMMP carded crew (typically consisting of a cultivation specialist and a licensed electrician) will walk your garden site with you.  We will assess the overall operations of the garden, and discuss the needs of the patients for which the garden provides, the needs of the cultivator, and any improvements necessary for general garden operations.  This service is completely free, and takes up to an hour.

If any issues surface during our assessment, we will provide you with a system of solutions in order to properly manage those issues, along with an estimate for any services which we can directly provide (see additional services below).



Our design experts have spent countless hours studying and researching the many aspects of indoor garden that come together to create a comfortable living environment for your plants.  In our design work, we will bring all this knowledge to the table.  Once the design is put together, it is up to each client to determine how much work the Mary’s Crew is going to do.  ”We understand that time is money, so we can do it all for you, or stop with the design, it’s up to you!”

Each garden design starts with a Complimentary Garden Assessment, even if your space is completely empty.  This way, our design experts will be able to put together a package that fits perfectly into the desired space.

All of our garden design work is custom.  This is your garden, and we want you to be more than satisfied when we are finished.  That being said, practically anything is possible.  Pick our brains, please!



Sure anyone can grow a plant with some good soil, clean water, and a powerful light, but there’s a lot more to it than that.  Dialing in your environment will definitely take you to the next level.  Also, as our network of cooperative gardens “grow” we are continually exposed to the most innovative garden set-ups and equipment positioning techniques.  We will gladly share the secrets to these techniques with you, and help you understand them well enough to employ them on your own.



We will provide you with a hands on education in any step of the cultivation process, from germination all the way to proper curing and storage techniques, as well as a few bonuses!

 The classes we currently provide include:

– Why Should I Grow For Myself?
– A Trip Through the OMMP
– Seed Selection and Germination
– Advanced Cloning Techniques
– Transplanting Dos and Don’ts
– Vegetative Pruning
– Nutrient Feeding Schedules
– Proper Harvest Determination
– Curing and Storage
– Conditional Effect Strain Matching
– A Lesson in Cannabis Compliance
– Safety and Security in Your Garden

Mary's Indoor Garden Design Cultivation Questions and answers


If you don’t see a class that you’d like to take, we can create it for you!

We also offer a more regimented training program consisting of weekly or monthly visits by our cultivation specialists.  And our cultivation specialists aren’t called specialists for nothing; these folks know their stuff!  They are either cultivators themselves, or have assisted with cultivation for a number of years.  Upon each visit, their trained eyes will be able to spot any potential problems right away.  They will teach you how to both take care of them now, and prevent them in the future.  They will also be checking to make sure you’re doing your part, so don’t forget to water!

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